Friday, September 13, 2019

Hopes and Dreams

This week our class continued learning and practicing our routines and we talked a lot about our school rules. We then discussed how following the school rules helps all of our classmates to achieve their hopes and dreams (goals) for the year. Students each chose one goal that they have for the year and we took photos to put in a class book. Our hopes and dreams included getting better at math, reading, soccer, basketball, drawing, using the monkey bars, learning classmates' names, tying shoes, learning about animals, running, learning new vocabulary words, and learning to play board games.

Friday, September 6, 2019

First Week of School!

Amazingly we have been in first grade for a week and a half already! We have done SO much these first 7 days. We have been getting to know each other and building a classroom community, practicing classroom routines and expectations, learning to care for our materials, beginning classroom jobs, talking about our school rules and hopes/dreams for the year, reading from our good fit book bags, playing partner games in math, and much more. On our first day we read the book, First Day Jitters, and drank "jitter juice" to help chase any jitters away. This week we began practicing counting by grouping objects and counted all the unifix cubes in our classroom (over 1,000!) that way.  

Below you will also see photos of our VIP desk and you may have seen a giant "Mystery VIP" page come home if your child has been our VIP already. Our VIP desk this year will be a special spot for one person each day who is truly doing their very best at being a good friend, helper, hard worker, and being a role model. When students sit at the VIP desk they will have their own fancy markers, pencils, pens, scissors, clipboard, etc to use for the day as a celebration of their hard work. During this first month of school each student in our class is taking a turn to be the VIP and we are playing a "Mystery VIP" game each morning to guess who the person is while also getting to know each other and reviewing letters, sounds, and syllables. After each classmate has had a turn to be the VIP this month the VIP desk will become an earned celebration!