Friday, May 17, 2019

Farm Visit

As part of of our unit learning about the life cycle of a chicken first grade visited the Milton Miniature Farm this past week. We spent lots of time with chickens and also got to meet some miniature horses, donkeys, and sheep!


For the past three weeks we have been incubating fertilized chicken eggs in class and learning about the life cycle of a chicken. We expect our chicks to hatch at the beginning of next week. Stay tuned for photos of the hatch.

Here are photos of us cleaning/setting the eggs in the incubator, of students getting ready to the the Official Egg Turners, and of students working on some chick art for our bulletin board.

Friday, May 24 we will have a celebration to show off all of our writing/work about chicks as we prepare to send them off to farms!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Shark Day!

Yesterday was Shark Day in our classroom and Ms. Ransom's. We have been learning about nonfiction research and working on a big project researching sharks for the last month so yesterday we wrapped up our unit with a day all about sharks! Kids made shark expert crowns in the morning and finished their individual "All About Sharks" reports then read them to partners in our class and the other class. We read a Scholastic News article about sharks, did some shark-themed math riddles at math time, and did some shark reading/writing activities as well. Below you will find photos of the kids sharing their "All About Sharks" reports with the other class.

Today we did a Mexican Fiesta day to celebrate the end of our unit studying Mexico. Each first grade classroom made a Mexican food (salsa, guacamole, quesadillas, and Mexican Wedding cookies) then rotated between the rooms to try each item. We ended the day by watching the Disney/Pixar movie, Coco, which connects to our learning about the Mexican Holiday, Day of the Dead. We were so busy making food that I didn't get photos of our fiesta but we had a great time (and students are bringing recipes home).

Have a wonderful vacation week!